Corporate Lunches

The Brunch Box will travel to industrial companies, industrial complexes, office complexes, medical complexes, and any other business location to serve delicious food for lunch.


We typically serve businesses or offices of about 150 people or more, however, many of our customers will collaborate with neighboring offices.


Our delicious, healthy wraps and hot sandwiches are perfect options for a delectable lunch cuisine.


We understand that most office employees only have half an hour to eat and enjoy their lunch. That’s why our food truck is one of the fastest out there, serving quality food in no time at all. We’re able to accomplish this by working with our organizers ahead of time to prep toppings, plan for the number of people, and ensure we have something for everyone.


Our food truck is on site, which saves people from driving somewhere, grabbing lunch, and getting back to work, all in just 30 minutes. The food truck allows employees to spend more time socializing, getting an errand done, or simply just relaxing with their meal for a nice break in the day.


Preparation is key, so we always make sure to send the lunch menu to the place of business the day before service is scheduled, so that most people know what they want when they come up to the window.