You may not realize it, but food trucks can be the best birthday party caterer option out there.

Often times being a smaller event, birthday parties are the perfect event type to hire a food truck for. Food trucks take care of the menu planning, prepping, and feeding of your guests.

In our experience, most birthday parties we cater off of the food truck are hosted in someone’s backyard. We love these kinds of parties because of the intimate feel and casual nature that they emanate.

Focus on making your event as great as possible. 

When it comes to planning any kind of event, even as “easy” as a birthday might sound, it takes a lot of work.

There are invitations to coordinate, decorations to consider, meal options, drinks, and dessert, activities for your guests, and preparing your place for the event to take place.

Hiring a caterer for your event can take the stress out of your planning and give you the confidence you need to plan an amazing party.

Food is such a big piece of any event, so making sure you’ve got that covered is essential for your peace of mind. This way, once the food is taken care of, you can focus on the other important aspects of your party that make it the best you’ve hosted yet.


Keep it simple.

In the age of Pinterest and an endless supply of Facebook posts about the newest, latest, and greatest recipe, it can become a little overwhelming when planning food for any event. Let alone a simple dinner for your family!

There might be a lot of really great dishes that you want to try that could really wow your guests, but when it comes down to it the most important thing is to have enough food and to satisfy your guests with what’s on your menu. And that can become really challenging when it’s all on you!

Party planning isn’t the time to try out a new recipe or to go wild on Pinterest with all the crazy things you can create. You want to ensure that you will have something for everyone at your party and that ideally, that responsibility is off of your shoulders so you can actually enjoy your party!

Rely on the food truck’s experience.

One of the many great things about hiring a food truck (like us!) for your birthday party celebrations is that you can ask for real-life advise about what could work best for your party.

We cater a lot of birthday parties and related events, so we’re confident as to what works really well and what doesn’t. We’ve learned to listen to our customer’s goals for their party and concerns before planning any menus – we take care to understand your needs.

Some questions you might have that we can help you with:

“how much food do I need for 30 people?”

“how do I keep the food safe (hot/cold enough) throughout the party?”

“what if there are guests that show up with certain dietary needs?” 

or “how can I make sure that I have something that everyone will like?”

Above all else, enjoy yourself!

When we get into the nitty-gritty of party planning, it can be really easy to get lost in the shuffle of tasks and worry. Stressing about getting everything done can really take the joy out of why you’re throwing the party to begin with: to celebrate someone you love!