Food trucks aren’t just street vendors anymore. They’re full-service, fresh food caterers that can up-level your next event in ways you might not expect. More and more people are inviting food trucks to cater their birthday parties, bridal showers, graduation celebrations, and even weddings. Whether you’re looking for drop-off catering, vendor service, or a mix of both, asking a food truck to cater your next event is a great solution to your party planning needs. There are lots of reasons to have a food truck to attend your next home party. We dive into the reasons that are most clear to us based on our experience.

1. Save Time on Shopping, Prepping, and Cleanup

Hiring a food truck means that the time you’d normally spend planning your menus, shopping for food, prepping, and cooking are all done for you. Plus, you’ll save a ton of time when it comes time to wrap up the party and clean up. When we host our own parties the big task of cleanup often comes on our shoulders, where when you choose to hire a food truck this aspect is made easy and simple with far less to manage (think: no dirty dishes in your sink!).

2. Save Money by Trusting the Food Truck’s Guidance

It can be really intimidating to plan any event, no matter the size. Small sized events can be just as challenging as large events when it comes to figuring out what to feed your guests. Support is key when it comes to managing expectations and building the event of your dreams. When you invite a food truck to help you serve your guests, you have an opportunity to lean on their creative input based on years of experience and know-how The Brunch Box Food Truck for Catering Home Parties. Instead of wondering what types of food will satisfy your guests best, or what fits in well with your theme, you can trust in your food truck’s guidance to make the best decision.

3. Freedom to Serve What You and Your Guests Actually Want

It’s not really possible to make EVERYONE happy when it comes to serving food at any event, but with the right support (from your hired food truck!) you’ll have a much better chance of accomplishing just that. Dietary restrictions and preferences can be taken into consideration when creating your menu, plus your food truck will have extensive experience hosting events to help provide you with the know-how for attempting to make all happy (or at least fed). With your hired food truck at your side, you can design your menu together, offering you lots of freedom when it comes to menu selection. We have a list of Sample Menus for each event type which you can choose from, however, we’re always happy to customize things as our clients see fit.

4. Perfect for Outdoor Events

If you’ve ever attended an event with a food truck, you probably have an idea of the unique and fun element it offers any party. The spring, summer, and fall are perfect times of the year, especially in Rochester, or host a party. And that’s food truck season! Not only can you utilize your food truck for catering by getting trays of food like fruit salad, pasta salad, greens, and veggies, etc., but you can also have the food truck drive in and serve food right off the truck for an added element. The Brunch Box Food Truck Catering Outdoor events If your event is hosted indoors, having your food truck outside the event doors can be a great way to disburse your crowd a bit and get people moving around more, rather than having everyone all buzz around the kitchen. If your event is an outdoor event, the food truck will still help disburse the crowd, and provide people with some handheld dishes that they can then walk around with or choose to go back to their table and sit with.

5. Less Formality, More Fun

If you’re looking to keep your event on the low-key side of things, food trucks are a great way to add a comfortable and fun atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Often times food trucks will serve handheld dishes or items that can be shared, which creates a casual experience for people of all ages. Rather than having your guests all congregating in one area of your home, they’ll more likely wander and explore the event and expand a bit outside of their comfort zone.

6. Just Different Enough

Instead of relying on a traditional caterer where everyone lines up and serves themselves, your food truck will provide you with the change to change things up and make your event flow a bit differently. A great setup for your party could include a few trays of appetizers or salads available for your guests to serve themselves from and then the main course served directly off the truck.

7. Absolutely Ascetically Appealing

Food trucks are perfect for photos and for social media! Your guests will love taking photos with their food truck food, in front of the truck with friends, and of the event as a whole as the food truck offers a really nice ascetic appeal. Your food truck will often encourage photos as well, using a hashtag sign in the front window or on the front of the truck, asking guests to share their photos with the tag. It might be a good idea to collaborate and add your own hashtag for your event!

8. Midnight Snacks Made Possible

Food trucks are the perfect solution for your late night food needs. Often serving fried, sweet and savory, or appetizer-like items, your truck can likely come up with something that they love making to satisfy for your late-night crowd if your party ends up going into the late hours of the evening. brunch box food truck There’s lots of reason to host your next party with the help of a food truck. We hope that our experience has inspired you to incorporate a food truck into your next home party, or at least consider the possibility! If you have any questions or would like to book The Brunch Box for your next home party, get in touch with us!